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Sketchbook Communications

Sketchbook Communications is an on-line company that specializes in bringing you a creative fusion of images and words to promote your customized corporate image. 

Sketchbook Communications specializes in graphic design, contemporary art and communications : art, art books, digital art prints, photography, promotional research, communications programs, posters, creative internet design, commercials/ videos, writing and advertising for art.

Our company provides consultations to create a corporate image for large and small business. The advertising for your work with art, writing and graphic design will make your ideas stand out.  We create and tell memorable and fresh stories about ourselves and our work to friends, colleagues or anyone who reads about us on the internet.

The communications workshop is the part of Sketchbook Communications that has projects in graphic design, multimedia, communications and art with small businesses as well as individual professionals.

Welcome to Sketchbook Communications Workshop:

This Sketchbook Communications workshop is for graphic design, multimedia and communications services (writing, editing, research). I am a communications consultant as well as a multimedia artist. (BA and BFA from SFU) working online with individuals and small companies.

I have enjoyed working with over 200 individuals and many companies now in the lower mainland. It has brought me satisfaction to help make your reports, brochures, interactive work, papers and graphic design projects a success !


Thank you to everyone who has been  working with me and visiting here already !

Susana Roque


Graphic Design and Multimedia:

You can flip the pages in the top right corner of the booklet below to look at my graphic design portfolio. 

My Drop Box to work online

thank you for your support


Susana Roque

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